My response to "Who You Are"

WordPorn Fan: I don't know who I really am. 

Me: Well. Everything around you is made out of Atoms, including yourself. These Atoms that you're made out of are the same atoms that exploded and enriched the entire cosmos, billions of years ago. You are not only connected to every living organism on this planet but you are also... God. And ironically here you are, God himself messaging himself through the conduit of social media questioning his own existence. If your definition of God is one with an Ego, that identifies himself as a separate/superior entity, then you are mistaken.

The God i'm talking about is the source of all existence, it's the very thing you are made out of. In short, you we are here to live the Human experience. To live harmoniously through Body, Mind and Soul. You are here to create and leave behind ideas that will contribute to pushing the human race forward.

- Spiro