• Emily: [behind her closed door, after Naomi knocked] I'm not going to open the door. My face is all puffy. I cried a bit. Naomi: I don't care. [sits down on the front porch, Emily sits down, too] Naomi: I do want someone. I need someone. Naomi: You're it. Emily: And? Naomi: And... when I'm with you, I feel like a better person. And I feel happier, less alone... less lonely [Emily sticks her hand out of the catflap to hold Naomi's hand] Naomi: It's not as simple as that, is it? Being with someone? Emily: Isn't it? Naomi: No. I'm mean I don't know. At least, I don't think so. Naomi: Emily? Naomi: Can't we just sit like this for a bit? Emily: Yeah, we can... for a bit

    Kat Prescott
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