• LOOK at what is there first instead of what YOU want…Enjoy what YOU have for one day it WILL BE the exact thing YOU want back. Accept within yourself that YOU are not being your Potential & work for the better. Accept YOU are not in the power YOU are capable of, your balance, peace, belief, SELF confidence, fearlessness & what it is YOU truly need have gotten lost. Find them. YOU know these streets, YOU just got a bit lost. . Along the way YOU got distracted, lured, invoked or tripped on a rock in some split moment YOU blinked. YOU are human, we cant BE strong in every moment. FORGIVE yourself for a wrong turn. FORGIVE yourself for losing your way on roads that never came with a map in the first place. No instruction booklet to follow…FORGIVE yourself & YOU may find the right way again. It cant BE reversed. It happened. YOU had it. I WILL OPEN closed doors, LOOK out OPEN windows & thin out old walls. I WILL do these things for the ones I LOVE who deserve to SEE ME. I WILL do it for myself for I deserve to FEEL ME

    L.V. HALL
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