• Idiot.People say that those who call others idiots are the real idiots. I don't care if I'm an idiot, so I'll call you one. Idiot! You should have told me this earlier! Okay, he's dead! I'm gonna kill him for sure. He's totally dead, guaranteed! -ShizuoWell, no. I'm the Headless Rider! I'm totally fine. -CeltyNo, no, no. That's not even the problem here! If he pulled a blade on you, that's instant death. Gonna kill him...-ShizuoWhat about your job? Aren't you on a break right now? -CeltyI don't give a shit. -ShizuoCome on. I'm not going to let you get fired because of me. Besides, I still need more information to track him down. I'll make the preparations, so just wait for now. -CeltyFine. But try to make it quick. Gonna kill him

    Ryohgo Narita
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