Here's why you're wasting your life away | Muhammad Ali


When I retire from boxing I really don't know I wanna say something right here this might make you all think life is not really long let's say the average person is thirty years old if you're thirty years old you would now be about seven years old how can i prove it add up all the seven eight nine hours you slept for thirty years out of thirty years out of all the nights last night when you went to bed and woke up this morning you don't remember a thing you've been unconscious for about eight years if you're thirty years old you slept about eight years okay how much traveling have you done in thirty years from the television station to home to another country to another city to school to church you've probably traveled two years your life just going back and forth to where you're going so there's eight years of sleeping two years of traveling that's thirty years out of your life before you accomplish anything how long do you stay in school in America we stay in school from the first grade to twelfth grade same here Six hours a day? Six hours a day for twelve years break it down you've sat in the classroom for three years without leaving okay two years of traveling eight years of sleeping three years of school how many movies you went to how many wrestling matches how much entertainment how many movies theatres live plays baseball games probably two years of entertainment by the time you have children by the time you have made a way for your children by time the time you've paid for your home you pushing sixty years old so life is real short so you add up all your traveling all your sleeping your school add up all your entertainment you probably been half your life doing nothing so I'm thirty five years old thirty more years I'll be sixty five we don't have no more influence we can't do nothing much at sixty five your wife will tell you that when you're sixty five ain't too much more to do dod you know I will be sixty five in thirty more years in those thirty more years I have to sleep nine years I don't have thirty years of day light I have to travel back to America takes six to seven hours all my traveling probably four years of traveling in the next thirty years about nine years of sleeping television movies entertainment about three years of entertainment out of thirty years I might have about sixteen years to be productive so this how we can break our individual lives down.