The Lie that you got brainwashed into believing | Jeremy Irons


I think we all work too much I think we've been brainwashed into being told that we have to spend all our lives working we never used to do that not before the Industrial Revolution. I mean one would sort of, you know the Irish for instance they would plant their potatoes in the I suppose it would be the sort of winter in there in the autumn, they plant their seed potatoes and then they would sit and they would drink and they would sing and they would eat and they would wait for the potatoes to come up and then you know that was their life what's wrong with that, what's wrong with it in Spain going to sleep for 3 hours in the afternoon it's wonderful it's civilised. You see we're told that we're put on this planet to work and we work from 8 o'clock in the morning till 5 o'clock at night or whatever and if we're lucky we have a Saturday off and the Sunday off and then we can go and buy things but I don't think that's how life should be. We're all bankrupt we all owe billions of dollars and billions of whatever's to somebody I'm not sure who it is we owe it to but there's somebody out there who's who must be really pissed off.