Fail like this and you will succeed | Joe Rogan


People that are trapped in bad situations, one of the problems is you feel like this is your future. You feel like youʼre fucked and you canʼt get out of that, thereʼs no hope, thereʼs no light at the end of the tunnel, thereʼs no rainbow. And if you feel like that, that alone can be incredibly defining and limiting. But if you can look at, if you can look at yourself objectively and say OK, I kind of am f here, Iʼm in credit card debt, Iʼm working in a shitty job, I donʼt like what Iʼm doing. But I have some ideas. I need to feed those fucking ideas, I need to feed them and water them, and I need to set aside a certain amount of time every day to just try to make those things happen. You can do that! I think hereʼs an important thing too, failure is important, I think failure teaches you things that you donʼt learn from success. I think failure gives you an opportunity for self examination and also gives you a feeling that is very uncomfortable and that very uncomfortable feeling helps you grow. When you feel like shit and you screw something up, like when Iʼve had bad podcasts my podcast has always gotten better afterwards. When Iʼve had bad stand-up sets Iʼve always gotten better after that because those bad sets motivate you, they give you a perspective like hey! Hereʼs some clear examples of where you fucked up. And donʼt look at these failures as like, proof that you suck. Look at them as opportunities for growth. Look at them as opportunities to be motivated to do better.