How 1 Kid Can Change your Life - Must Watch! | Kendrick Lamar


I have to make notes because a lot of my inspiration comes from meeting people or going outside of the country or going around the corner to my old neighbourhood talking to a 5 year old little boy. It's mainly kids man I always say this kids bug me out because they have no fear and nothing. My little neice, she's two years old but she fears nothing and she has no concept of reality as we know it. That always inspired me to write for some reason man it gives me a moment, talking to them gives me a moment to step back and look at the world for what I know it, and for what this kid sees. Dr Dre That always tripped me out because I told him about this story when I seen him when I was 8-9 years old with Tupac on Rosecrans I was around 8 years old they were shooting a video in my neighbourhood in Compton. My father seen them, went two blocks down got me, by the time he got me everybody was out there it was like pandemonium he put me on his shoulders and there they was Dr Dre and Tupac right there. Fast forward fifteen years later I'm in the studio with him and I'm telling him that story "Yeah I was one of the kids out there that was watching you" and he remembers it. It's crazy to me. Just me being an ultimate fan I'm still a fan to this day but to actually sit down and have conversations beyond the music, he wasn't just a figment of my imagination that I was watching on the TV screen. The people I watch, they just didn't get there out of pure luck they actually worked hard and they are human beings with real emotions, real drive, real consistency, real hunger. Deep down we're all kids at heart and I know I am, I'm the biggest kid ever so I can be able to relate and communicate with them in a way that I watch most adults can't. I'll sit there and hold a conversation and go back to the studio and write the most bugged out song just because it gives me a chance to sit back and allow myself to look at the perspectives of different spectrum of having responsibilities and not having any at all and I have to remember these things I have to write them down, and then five or three months later, I have to find that same emotion that I felt when I was inspired by it. Yeah man. Definitely. It's a process, it's a work in process.