How to NEVER Be Unhappy Again | Mo Gawdat


Can you imagine a world where 10 million people are happier? My algorithm is very straight forward I developed it because I could not really define what happiness was, so I took as many arbitrary points of data where I felt happy and tried to find what was common between them. What was common between them was the equation of happiness and it is this: happiness is equal to, or greater than the difference between the way you see the events of your life, and your expectation of how life should behave. In the modern world, we mix two states, one of them is happiness, the other is fun. Happiness is that peaceful contentment feeling of "I like the world as it is right now." Fun is the modern worlds replacement of happiness. When I am unable to reach that state of happiness what I do is I go out on the weekend, I go to a party, and "boom boom boom boom" and my brain stops thinking. As long as it stops thinking I think I feel happy. Happiness is not about what the world gives you, how much water is in this glass. Happiness is about what you think about what the world gives you. If you think about it properly, you will only see there is something to be grateful, something to be happy about. I think losing Ari was the call to action. I lost my son all of a sudden, you know, from having a happy holiday together to losing him was 4 hours, and the question that hit me at the time was, what can I do now to bring him back? And nothing I could have ever done including locking myself in a room and crying for the rest of my life could bring him back, and to me, the whole idea was I can either choose to suffer, or I can choose to sort of accept life as harsh as it has become and try to make it slightly better than it is today, make it slightly better tomorrow. So the way I did it was very interesting I basically set myself a target, I said, wouldn't it be amazing if I could reach out to 10 million people and just give them that message? It wouldn't bring Ari back, but it would be slightly better than the day he left, and that is truly, truly, success for my life. There has never been a moment in my life where I felt I was having a better impact in the world than this.