YOU'RE BEING LIED TO — This Is How You Are Programmed At Birth By The Elites | Dr. Bruce Lipton


the first principle of quantum physics is consciousness is creating your life experiences change consciousness you change your life experiences the most valid science on the planet is quantum physics it's the most tested the most affirmed the most truthful of any science on the planet biology says that through epigenetics and quantum physics says that is the foundational belief of the science itself the mind is the matrix of all matter the mind and the matrix that's where the movie came from the matrix was about the mind controlling the matrix every child is programmed in the first seven years of its life the jesuits years give me a child until there's seven i will show you the man if i educate your first seven years whatever program i put in the rest of your life will be a manifestation of that program give me a child for the first seven i'll show you the man what they knew is whoever programs your first seven years determines the character of the rest of your life that's when catholic school started because then they started recognizing why don't we start with the kids let's program the kids and then we control them the rest of their lives and that's what happened we have been systematically disempowered by programming and this is where the movie the matrix is all about all of the programming is to take away your power because if you take away your power you will invest everything you have for someone who is going to save you and yet if i teach you that you're a victim then you have no power exercising that consciousness by definition makes you a victim change the storyline i'm not a victim if i change the programming that disempowered me when i was a kid and that's the wake up call that we have to face right now the brain is designed to download programs by observing the environment because the brain is in a state of hypnosis for seven years as the predominant activity of the brain children below age seven mix the real world and the imaginary world together ride a broom and it's a horse the mothers for the broom the child on the broom it's not a broom to that child at that moment in theta that's a real horse theta is hypnosis it's like a video recorder whatever i see here smell touch it's sent into my brain and recorded in my subconscious as an experience recording the experiences of the mother recording experiences of the father reporting the experiences of the siblings and the community i go so what so then that means my life is my program i say no no to create your life you have to use the creative brain conscious mind otherwise your activities are controlled by your life experiences you learned how to walk before you were too thank god you have a subconscious that memorized that so you can walk without thinking about it it's a program like i said why is it relevant an answer is of our life is coming from the program so our lives aren't reflecting what we wish and desire our lives are reflecting what we've learned from other people i said well then how the hell are you going to manifest wishes and desires i said well first of all you have to stop playing